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Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home

What is the Market Price?

Comparisons are made between your home and other similar homes that are on the market or have recently sold.  Properties that have been offered for sale, still for sale or even withdrawn due to lack of buyer interest will also be compared.  (These properties will probably have been withdrawn as a result of unrealistic pricing).

We Need A Sale Price Of…

Our pricing recommendation is based on properties in competition with yours.  It will represent a fair market price that an informed buyer will pay.

We’ll Ask a High Price but Listen to Offers

The wrong buyers will be attracted to your property.  They will have a greater expectation than your price projects.  Your home will suffer by comparison with the competition.  Qualified buyers won’t make an offer – they’ll buy elsewhere. Of even greater concern is that the salespeople may use an overpriced property to sell a correctly priced home.

How Does our Asking Price Relate to R.V.?

A Rateable Valuation is carried out every few years, primarily for rating purposes, and will be based on average values for your street.  It will not be affected by any improvements which are not visible from the street.  It will bear very little relevance to sale or purchase prices.

Overpricing Your Property        

Overpricing reduces activity and advertising response.  You will lose genuinely interested and qualified buyers as well as attracting the wrong prospects.  Overpricing also eliminates offers and extends the amount of time that your property stays on the market.

Factors That Do Not Affect Your Property Price

A simple fact of economics is that the value of your property will not be affected by your original cost, the cost of building or replacement, your investment in improvements or your personal attachment to the home.  Ultimately, it is the market that will set an accurate figure for your property.