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Preparing Your Home For Selling

Preparing Your Home For Selling


Stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless; all work spaces should be clean.


Neat, spotless and fresh.  Repair broken tiles, reseal around the bath and basin if necessary.


Have a good clean out – untidy or overly crowded storage spaces suggest inadequate space.

Children & Pets

They can distract buyers from thinking positively.  Keep them secluded or out of the house if possible.

Lawns & Yards

Remove clutter, cut grass, edge paths, trim hedges, weed gardens.

Front of House

Paint, fix or wash fences, steps, windows, screens and front door.

Other Exterior

Paint, fix or wash side or back door, gutters, wash windows.


Repair dripping faucets, leaky toilets.


Replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches. Turn on sufficient lights when showing.

Halls & Stairs

Remove any clutter to give wide appearance.


Oil hinges, tighten door knobs and taps.

General Condition

Dust, wash, paint, and fix defects.


A feeling of spaciousness, store unnecessary items to enlarge room size.


Drapes in day time, close at night.


With scented disinfectant, especially if smokers live in the house, or put percolated coffee on before buyers arrive.


On soft background music.

In Winter

If you have heating, use it.