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Advantages of Professional Marketing

Advantages of Professional Marketing

You have but one property to show. Today, homes are bought by comparison.

You may not be aware of the tastes and requirements of the buyer, or have the first-hand knowledge of competitive values.

You may not be familiar with writing a contract that is valid and legal.

A buyer is timid about discussing his/her financial position with you and you may be similarly reluctant.

You do not have the time to leave your home or job to help the buyer arrange his/her finances. Also, you may not be fully aware of the current “Home Loan” market.

You may not feel easy to readily negotiate the price with a buyer. However, the third party, your real estate consultant, can work out the negotiations. Direct contact can weaken your position with a buyer.

The average visitor will not admit freely to you their likes and dislikes, yet these must be brought out into the open for you to sell.

You may find it hard to “follow-up” their visit at once as it may be interpreted as your anxiety to sell in a hurry.

You may make needless outlays to improve your home for selling. The real estate sales consultant’s experience and advice may save you needless expense.

You may show your home 100 times or more to could-be-buyers, and spending time, money and effort to eventually pay a commission to an agent, who is properly trained to verify prospective buyers.

You may accept an insincere offer and spend months of time and money in litigation, in order to free up your property, so you can re-market your property once again.

You may find buyer’s and seller’s personalities conflict, thereby losing a perfectly good sale.  The sales consultant, as a third party, can diplomatically consummate a sale.

Most buyers seek the service of a reputable Agent, because they realise the pitfalls of direct negotiations with the seller, and they also feel safer dealing with a professional for guidance.

The real estate consultant can also enlist the service of fellow real estate salespeople, giving the owner the advantages of his entire local sales marketing team.

The real estate sales consultant will price the property to sell at a fair “market-value”. The average owner over-prices their property, but often accepts a price below the real “market-value.”

The “Private Sale” sign often indicates to people “curiosity seekers are welcome”. People do not always take “Private Sellers” seriously, but your sales consultant will screen the lookers from qualified buyers.

Your real estate sales consultant guarantees their work. They get paid only when your home is SOLD.

Finally, and most importantly, we will put more cash in your hand. Private buyers take the commission plus another 3-5% off what you are asking, in determining what they are willing to pay. When buyers see our professional marketing programme and service they expect to pay top dollar.